5 Incredibly Useful Tips for Women Traveling Solo

5 Incredibly Useful Tips for Women Traveling Solo

Solo travel for women is on the rise since traveling alone as a woman is inspiring and fun. So be adventurous and don’t wait for a companion to go on that trip that you’ve always wanted! Read our women traveling solo guide to get the most out of your trip now.

Women Traveling Solo Tips

Traveling alone as a woman has fantastic perks. You can do things like leisurely enjoy every stop, shop for as long as you want, and dine at whichever cozy restaurant your heart desires. The freedom of women traveling solo can really add a new flavor and perspective to your life.

However, there are a lot of things that worry a person when he or she thinks of solo travel for women. Here are 5 tips that will certainly help convert your solo journey into a peaceful and enjoyable expedition!


1.   Street Smarts and Maps

The first thing you need to do is be independent. When you are traveling alone as a woman, you can’t rely on anyone. A common problem is when you don’t know the way in a foreign state or even in an unfamiliar neighborhood.

You don’t have to panic! You’re smart. You can do this. But stay in crowded areas and be careful of whom you speak to.


how to read a map


Be ready to use maps and street smarts to understand your location and find your way to your destination in a jiffy. Make sure that you’re able to read a map in case your phone dies, there’s no service, or you don’t know the language to ask for directions.

Using GPS capabilities is incredibly useful, but technology often fails. We can’t rely on that. Everything eventually goes back to basics. Make sure you can read a map.


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2.   Dress According to Locals

Although it can be difficult to fully camouflage yourself, women traveling solo should put effort into their clothes so that they can blend in. Standing out as a foreigner is easy to do and often places a target on your back.

There’s a time and a place to draw attention to yourself. Traveling is not one of them. We all know too many people who have had things stolen from while  abroad. Don’t be one of them.


3.   Prescriptions & Toiletries 

Having your necessary “medicine bag” is essential for women traveling solo. Although some medicines are somewhat universally available, you never know when you’ll be in urgent need of something that may not be to easy to get.

A handy medicine bag full of toiletries (like feminine care), prescriptions (if applicable), and items for mild ailments (headaches, seasickness, acid reflux, constipation, diarrhea, etc.) can make or break a vacation.


packing tips for women


It will help you avoid discomfort, long protocols, and never-ending lines at the doctor’s office. Trust us, you’ll be glad you packed it, especially if you need them on the bus, car, train, or plane.


4.   Public Transportation for the Day…Cabs for the Night

In a new state, it’s sometimes better to opt for public transport instead of single vehicles or cabs. This is particularly for places that don’t have established cab companies, so the locals use their own car for hire.


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If you don’t have a reputable company that you can book with, it’s much safer when you’re traveling alone as a woman to go on a train or a bus. Plus, public transportation has many other travelers, i.e. safety in numbers. Just be careful of pick-pockets.


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However, the caveat is at night. Public transportation at night can be sketchy, so work with your hotel on securing verified cab companies. If this isn’t possible, stay within walking distance of the hotel or don’t meander after dark.


5.   Be Smartly Adventurous 

The world can be a welcoming and interesting place, but be present-minded. Use your wit and common sense. Not everyone is out there is out to get you, but don’t be gullible. Don’t step into situations that can end up in in unfavorable consequence. Be smart.

Walking down dark alleys, accepting unknown company, and so on can land you in sticky situations that could have otherwise been easily avoided.


solo women travel


Women traveling solo shouldn’t be afraid of travel. On the contrary, traveling is an inspiring and entertaining experience that benefits your emotional and mental well-being. Even so, we need to be smart. Traveling alone as a woman requires us to take care of certain things in order to ensure safety.


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Guest Post –  Aiman Ibrash