A Night In Naples, Italy – Our First Trip

Even though we only had one night in Naples (Napoli), we could tell that it’s one of the top destinations to visit in Italy. Is it dangerous? A bit. Was it yummy? Yes it was. It’s also the birthplace of the pizza, but more importantly – the first trip we took together. Aw.

Minted.com: The Cutest Invitations In Town

The spring is a nutty time. There’s so many events and with the warming weather Sara and I are pretty much looking for any excuse to throw a party. And of course we don’t want to send out any old invite. That’s how we ended up going down the rabbit hole that is Minted.com. They have a ton of themes and options. I was like, oh look they have Easter, Cinco de Mayo, Bachelorette! I had to be talked off the ledge of throwing all these parties.

International Debutante Ball – An Affair to Remember

If the phrase “International Debutante Ball” brings to mind visions of young ladies coming out into society, dressed in long flowing gowns and white satin gloves, you’re not too far off. We’ll give you an inside peek at well-heeled New York society from this year’s International Debutante Ball, an affair to remember!

Sailing in NYC with Narwhal Yacht Charters!

My friends and I have three important things in common: We love Manhattan, we love boats, and we love Prosecco. We were able to take advantage of two of these things (boats and Prosecco) on our amazing trip to Cape Cod, so when that trip ended I decided that sailing…