Burger & Lobster Restaurant Review

Burger & Lobster Restaurant Review

The British Invasion has happened again on 19th Street in the Flatiron District. This time it was for the London-based restaurant famed for two very delicious foods. Can you guess what?

I wanted to do a Burger & Lobster restaurant review because those are two favorite foods of mine and eating them makes me happy. Plus, considering how often I frequent the Flatiron District, I’ve been compiling a good list of the best Flatiron restaurant and happy hour spots.


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Burger & Lobster Restaurant Review

If you have a serious craving for a lobster or a burger, Burger & Lobster is your place. Their famous wild live lobsters and corn-fed Nebraskan beef burgers provide the base for assortments of delicious menu items.




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Burger & Lobster originally started with only three dishes – a lobster roll, a burger, or a whole lobster accompanied by a salad and fries. And why not? If you’ve got a specialty and it’s delicious, why not just rock that all night and day?






And then they expanded with a fiesta of other options, but still as offshoots of burgers and lobster meals. In this review I’m covering both the new and the established favorites.


Lobster Roll – The Fiesta

The menu proudly states that their lobstermen hail from Nova Scotia. Well, thanks to these guys we can enjoy a seriously good lobster roll in NYC. The Fiesta is a fun new one with chipotle mayo, white cabbage, peppers, and corn.


fiesta roll burger and lobester


All their rolls are served chilled on a signature toasted potato brioche bun. There’s something just so wonderful about seeing a fresh lump of lobster meat placed in front of you when you’re hungry.


Classic Burgers

There’s nothing like a perfectly cooked burger with cheese, fries, and a toasty bun. At Burger & Lobster you can choose between The London, your classic burger with fries and salad, or The Original, a 10oz burger with lettuce.


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If you’ve got a good thing don’t mess with it. When you want a burger done right you won’t be disappointed if you come here.


Burger & Lobster – The Beast

Maybe you can’t decide if you want a lobster or a burger. Well I say, why not both? The Beast satisfies this conundrum.


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It’s lobster meat with a 6oz. beef burger sitting under it. Add Swiss cheese and delicious truffle mayo for a killer meal. This is my menu item of choice.


Happy Hour NYC

It’s their spacious two-floored eating areas, with pool tables in the basement and 400 seats that help accommodate awesome happy hours at Burger & Lobster. I’ve gone here for lunch several times with my job. It’s still more of a restaurant than a bar, but it’s a good place to go to after work if you want to eat as a large group.




What do you say, will you try out Burger & Lobster?


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