Devachan Hair Salon NYC Review – A Salon For Curly Hair

Devachan Hair Salon NYC Review – A Salon For Curly Hair

When I found out that there was a hair salon in NYC specifically for curly hair I had to go. My hair is very prone to frizz if I let it go au naturale. That’s why it’s a worthwhile venture for me to tame the crazy.

Every hair salon I’ve been to in the past would either blow out my hair straight or put loose Victoria Secret-type waves in it. I’ve never been to a salon that not only specialized in curly hair, but blew it out to enhance the natural curl! 


Devachan Hair Salon NYC Review

It all started for me when I asked my friend Becky, who has amazing (not frizzy!) curly hair, how she does it. She told me about what we now call “the Devachan process”, and I booked an appointment for the next week at their SoHo salon. Although my hair isn’t the curliest (it’s more wavy), I can never just jump out of the shower and leave my house. It takes time and effort that I’d rather streamline. And when you have a good curly hair day it’s definitely worth it!


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The Devachan Process

It’s not officially called this, but that’s what me and Becky refer to it as. The Devachan process is a specific way of washing and drying curly hair at home. The benefits of this protocol are as follows:

  • You damage hair less
  • It looks shinier and healthier
  • It looks great for a few days
  • You get ready faster

I was told that when you go to the salon the stylists are great at going through the Devachan hair process in detail. They print a sheet for you with the steps and literally make you “do it” to your own hair at certain points to practice if you’re a first-timer. I think that’s good because how many times have we tried to replicate what a hair stylist has done and it doesn’t look half as good at home? So off to SoHo I went.


Hair Salon For Curly Hair – Genius!

I absolutely love SoHo. There are ton of cute cafes, stores, and boutique clothing shops that it tempts me to spend too much. But I carried on and walked into the salon.




The salon is cute, chic, and professional. It has two levels and varying sections depending on if you’re getting cut, washed, or deva’fied. Besides being dedicated to curls, this is what they say sets their service apart from other salons.

“From wavy to super curly, the beauty of this service is the customized design for every client. Whether you are already wearing your hair natural or making a transition, your Devachan stylist will guide you on a path to revealing your curls’ greatest potential. The luxurious process begins with a healthy botanical cleanse and condition, followed by a styling and coaching session.”




My Devachan Hair Salon Experience

That all sounds good. And I saw happy, beautiful curly-haired people leaving the salon as I walked in. This made me feel optimistic when I met my stylist. As far as the salon chairs, I’ll let them describe it. ”


“The salon chair is more than just a seat. It is a magical space where curl transformations and relationships begin.”





So I was guided to these “magical” chairs with my hair still air dried (as instructed when I booked my appointment) and with no product. Since I had to work that day, it had forced me to put my hair in a braid so that it wouldn’t look like I ran through the jungle. You’ll notice in the before and after pictures below that my hair looks more straight than wavy. That’s just because the braid had matted it down into submission. Anywho…




Instead of washing my hair, she began dry-cutting it. That’s the big ticket for them. The “curl specialists” tout the dry-cut method when trimming locks. Once that was done I was taken to the sink section, which was by far the most comfortable sink chairs I’ve ever sat in. Good idea, Devachan.




Another lady started washing my hair and explaining how I should be caring for my curls in the shower. With a mirror in my hand, so that I could watch the process, I listened with an open mind.

I was advised to scrub No-Poo Shampoo both on and off of the scalp and then finger-comb through my hair when I’m done bathing. That’s the beginning of the at-home regimen. It’s basically this.

  • Finger-comb your hair in the shower
  • Flip your head upside down to put the gel in (they say to do this while you’re still in the shower too)
  • Flip your head back up and pet/smooth the remaining gel on your hand into your hair
  • Use a microfiber towel to blot out the excess water


Once that was done I was taken to sit under the dryer with hair clips at the roots to give it volume.


devachan hair salon nyc

During the dry cut and then after when they put they put the gel in.


I sat and was thinking how my curls looked crunchy and hard as they dried. Apparently it’s because the gel is silicone free, which is good. When my stylist came back she shook out my curls. And voilà – my hair looked great! Frizz free, shiny curls. I was happy.

devachan hair salon nyc

Devachan Hair Product Reviews

At the salon they have a ton of products made for curly hair that you can buy. I bought the funny looking green hand diffuser, the No-Poo Shampoo, the Original Conditioner, and the Ultra Defining Gel. It cost a bit to buy them all at once but the results have been good so far.


So what happened when I tried the Devachan process at home?


I think this place and the products are legit. The biggest pro is that it takes me significantly less time to get ready in the morning now. I rarely use the diffuser and let my hair air dry (even in the winter). The diffuser works, I’m just fine with walking to work with wet hair.

The next great thing is that my natural wavy hair doesn’t look as frizzy. I do have to remember to put extra gel and hair spray in it on humid days, but on the whole the frizz is gone. I’ve gotten compliments a bunch of times about my curly/wavy hair and asked what products I use. Woohoo!

Lastly, my hair looks healthier, so I do recommend their products and getting your curly mane cut there. The key thing that makes the most difference is following the Devachan process. The main improvements in my hair quality came from finger-combing my hair in the shower instead of blow drying and using a brush. That’s everything.




Go forth and make your curls look awesome!


What tricks do you do to make your curly hair look good?