Kings of Kobe Restaurant Review

It’s no secret that NYC has a million and one food choices. Even so, it’s hard not to get stuck in a food rut and keep going back to the same tried and true places that you know are good. So Ann and I decided to step out of our comfort zones and try a recently opened hot dog and burger joint called Kings of Kobe.

Burger & Lobster Restaurant Review

I wanted to do a Burger & Lobster restaurant review because those are two favorite foods of mine and eating them makes me happy. Plus, considering how often I frequent the Flatiron District, I’ve been compiling a good list of the best Flatiron restaurant and happy hour spots.

Massoni Restaurant in the Arlo Nomad Hotel

A group of NYC girlfriends and I have been getting together for monthly dinners over the past five years. For our most recent girl’s dinner, we decided to check out the new Massoni restaurant in the Arlo Nomad Hotel. Spoiler alert: they have some of the best pizza I’ve tasted in the city!

Top 9 Oldest Steakhouses in NYC That You Must Try!

Don’t read this list if you’re hungry. I’ve found some of the best and oldest steakhouses in NYC that you need to try ASAP. Writing restaurant reviews gives me a lead on the best places to go to eat any type of food. When it comes to steakhouses there are a few that I am dying to try out. These old-school NYC Steakhouses are famous for their history, famous guests, and of course their delicious menu.

Momofuku – Má Pêche NYC Restaurant Review

I’ve loved all of my experiences with Momofuku restaurants, so when I needed to find a restaurant in Midtown Manahttan for dinner plans, I jumped at the chance to try Momofuku Má Pêche. Má Pêche serves creative, Asian-tinged New American fare, and it lived up to the expectations I have come to expect…