Embracing Curly Hair – The 5 Pros of Curls

Embracing Curly Hair – The 5 Pros of Curls

For some embracing curly hair is a easy. For others, curly hair is a problem to manage. People with curly hair are troubled by their locks on a daily basis, and it’s not without reason. Yes, it can be a bother having to manage those strands that seem to always be tangled or never without frizz. But there’s one thing that curly-haired people have that straight-haired people will never know – the absolute glory of having a good curly-haired day naturally.

I, myself have a bobbing head of curly hair. Yes, it can get frustrating at points, but when it looks good, it looks good! I do fully admit a huge reason it’s been looking great lately (without using the damaging flat iron or curling iron), is thanks to the Devachon hair regime.


pros of curly hair


Before then I had to wait until the stars would align. Now, I have all the curly hair perks without the fuss and can fully enjoy the amazing advantages curly hair offers. So, to help you remember the immense benefits of the curls you possess, here are some of my favorite perks for having beautiful, curly hair.

Embracing Curly Hair

1.   Super versatile

Having curly hair means that we can come up with many different styles. I know that if I need to go to a formal dinner or want to chill with friends, my curly hair can be casual or classy. A few pins here and some there can create a beautiful hairstyle that is unique every time. Even when I don’t feel like putting in much of an effort, a simple ponytail with soft tendrils framing my face is enough for me to have a cute hairstyle throughout the day.

2.   Stands out

No matter what you say, curly hair does make you stand out in a crowd. I have noticed that my hair does so simply because it looks so voluminous and healthy when compared to flat-ironed, lifeless hair.

3.   Wild and Free

What I particularly love is that curly hair can add a wild, irreverence to a look. If there’s a huge gust of wind or I’m hanging out on a boat, I don’t have to worry about my hair getting messed up. Curly hair doesn’t need to be combed, touched-up, or matted down. We can just let it fly free!

4.   Low maintenance

Yes, my hair and yours, of course, can have a mind of its own at times. This still doesn’t overrule the fact that we need to wash our hair (depending on your curly hair type) much less often than other people. Less shampoo, fewer washes, less blow drys, and no stress of repeated styling – just freestyle hair that looks gorgeous any way it’s adjusted. You must admit that this is a blessing in and of itself!

5.   Voluminous Hair

While I see many of my friends with straight hair using lots of products to create volume, we don’t need to. Having curly hair means we don’t have to worry about flatness. It usually doesn’t matter how it’s styled, it’s always full of life. In my opinion, this is one of the biggest pros of having curly hair and is worth its weight in gold in the hair world!

It may be tempting to think that straight hair could be better since it seems like you just roll out of bed and your hair is ready for the day. However, considering all the perks that come with having curly hair, it simply outweighs the fuss. You should be embracing curly hair. I love my locks and there is no way I would want to change them. Go on. Celebrate your curly hair – they really are a fashion statement!

– Guest Post by Aiman Ibrash