Fishkill Farms Apple Picking | Upstate NY

Fishkill Farms Apple Picking | Upstate NY

Fishkill Farms Apple Picking – It’s the fall and you know what that means – apple picking! I absolutely hate when summer ends, but then I think of all the fun fall activities and I settle down.

This time it’s Fishkill Farms Orchard in Dutchess County, New York. It’s an easy hour drive from Manhattan and we went on a warm September Saturday.



It was so warm in fact, that we actually got hot walking around. In my world where I’m always cold, that meant it was perfect.


fishkill farms orchard

fishkill farms hopewell junction


Fishkill Farms Apple Picking

Fishkill Farms does pick-your-own apple picking. That meant that we were able to walk around the grounds free to pick whichever apples we wanted and how many we wanted.


Sometimes you need a little help



They conveniently posted signs telling us which variety of apples each tree has. Apparently there are a ton of different types of apples in the world. I had no idea!



The best type of apple to pick depends on the season and ripening dates. For this reason, specific areas were closed off for picking because the apples weren’t ready. The set up of all this was very clear in its lay-out, which I appreciated because whose an apple guru these days?



Fishkill Farmer’s Market

The Fishkill store also had a lot of farm, small-town goodies. Local vendors sold snacks and all sorts of backed goods that made our mouths water. There was also a guy manning the grill. I got hungry every time I passed him.



So eventually I caved. We ended up buying food and had a picnic on the hills that overlooked the grounds. So cute!



There was also plenty of fresh, organic veggies and fruits to bring home for the health-consciousness, a.k.a. me. And the Apple Cider was a must-try!


Fishkill Wine & Champagne Tasting

We were particularly excited for the champagne, cider, and wine tasting. We had left this for the end of the day. After picking our own apples, we brought them back to the tastings area where they give us different wines to try. Not bad at all!



Warm, Apple Cider Donuts

We absolutely couldn’t leave without tasting the fresh, warm donuts that they cooked next to the farmer’s market. I peaked into the window to catch a glimpse of the workers making them fresh. Of course I also tried to snap a picture of the baking process and failed to get any good ones. Blah.



The well-known deliciousness of these donuts is why there’s always a huge, hungry line gathering to order them at Fishkill. My friends bought a dozen each (plain and cinnamon) and we took them to the hill to scarf down.



They were everything we wanted in a donut. I have a sensitivity to gluten so I wasn’t even supposed to eat it, but I just had to take a few bites.  Warm, fluffy, melted in your mouth. Mmm…


Fishkill Farms Family Orchard

As you can tell there was a lot more to do than just apple picking at Fishkill Farms. When we went the singer and band, pumpkin picking, farmer’s market, and wine tasting were all part of their fall festival.



One of my favorite fall things is the gordes. I wrote about this already in the White Post Farms trip. So naturally, here’s me and Ashley; Ash holding a pumpkin and me a gorde.



You can buy the pumpkins from the bins or you can go to the actual pumpkin vine to pick them out. We did the latter, which was much more fun.



There was also this beautiful, beautiful sunflower field at Fishkill. We had just arrived and were on our way to the orchards when we ran into it. We had no idea it was there.



We took some gorgeous pictures of the flowers in the field. You’ll see those in a separate post =)


Fishkill Farm’s Famous People

Fishkill Farms has been owned by the Morgenthau family for nearly 100 years. As I was reading about the farm’s history, I found out that the first Morgenthau, Henry, was friends with Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and visited the farm many times – once with Winston Churchill! Pretty cool.



Even cooler though is that during this visit, Henry Morgenthau’s son served the President and Prime Minister mint juleps in the Fishkill garden as they discussed the course they would take in the war. There’s even footage of this at the farm. What!


Imagine the fate of thousands being strategized at an apple orchard.



Interesting, historical ripples like this is why the farm states that its mission is marrying “its historic identity as a family “u-pick” apple orchard, with the Fishkill Farms team’s shared goals of diversification and environmental stewardship through sustainable farming methods.”



Overall, we had an awesome time at Fishkill Farm’s Family Orchard. By the end of the day we had all the apples we could ever want and were ready to go back to the city.



Fishkill is great to do with families but I loved going with the girls. For more information go to Fishkill Farm Orchard.


Go forth and apple pick!