Forgotten But Essential Travel Tips You Need to Know

Forgotten But Essential Travel Tips You Need to Know

Never leave for a trip unprepared with this list of often forgotten but essential travel tips. It’s not easy to remember everything you need to bring when traveling. That’s why we’ve made it easier with this great fail-safe list of travel tips and travel essentials to check each time you need to go somewhere.

Essential Travel Tips

  • Read reviews – An important part of traveling is finding out about the location beforehand. This gives you an idea as to what to expect during your travels, what you will need, and what you should pack. It also gives you insight into other people’s experiences. This can help you decide whether visiting that particular place is actually worth it or not.


  • Pack light – the best travel tip for making the most of your trip is to pack light. You never know for how long you will have to haul your luggage around or which places you might end up going. If you have tons of luggage to deal with, chances are you will end up spending more money and time managing your things and less actually enjoying them.


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  • Remember to pack your toiletries with you. You won’t have time to look for new ones once you reach your destination and not having the essentials can be really frustrating. This is particularly critical if you have a layover or flight delays.


  • Pack for the outdoors and for a formal gathering. Also, remember to pack a swimsuit if there’s warm weather and sneakers for walking. You never know when you will need any of these and chance are that you may require all of them.


  • Constantly check the airport websites and book any tickets in advance. This will help create a framework for your entire tour. Also, booked tickets mean you won’t be stranded at the last moment if there aren’t available seats or tour times. This is a particularly common occurrence during peak travel times.


  • Compare fares – Fares consume a major portion of your budget. The best thing is to find out about the different means of public transport and compare their fares. This will ensure the most feasible and comfortable option for you.


  • Mobile app maps – It’s easy to get lost in a new city. However, with some handy maps of the place. Preferably those that work offline, you don’t have to worry about getting lost. You will always manage to find a way out using those handy maps of yours. Just don’t forget your charger and converter if abroad.


  • Booking hotels – Although many tours have the stay planned for you, many others don’t and it’s up to you to provide a comfortable residence. For these reasons, it is best to search and book hotels before you travel so that you have a good place to rest once you land on the other side.


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  • Tip generously – You are probably visiting a new city or state if going on vacation. It’s best to tip the services generously. Not only is this repayment for the extra care they provide, but tipping them generously will only make them even more caring towards your needs, which is for everyone’s benefit. Plus, it’s usually the locals that have the best tips on places to go.


  • Maximize your Phone – It’s great to have an extra battery and extra memory at your hand. This is especially for trips where you know you’ll be taking a lot of pictures. The memory is likely to fill up fast. If you don’t have a spare it’s likely that you will spend the rest of your travels deleting photos from your gallery to make space for more photos. This is annoying and easily avoided if you plan beforehand.


Travel mishaps are the worst. How frustrating is it when realize that you’ve forgotten your toothbrush, when that tour you wanted to go on was full, or when you get lost? Prepare for your trip with our essential travel tips and a good packing list. Print them out or leave a copy in your suitcase!



Guest Post –  Aiman Ibrash