‘Run For Your Lives’ Zombie Run | Brooklyn, NY

‘Run For Your Lives’ Zombie Run | Brooklyn, NY

Quick, run for your lives – there’s a zombie run apocalypse in Brooklyn! Actually, it’s a 5k zombie obstacle race full of post-apocalyptic scares. This includes real zombies who will chase you, lest you get turned into one!

Myself, Kate, Robin, and two recruits from Robin’s job, got together to get chased by some zombies. You know, just a regular Saturday in October.


zombie mud run


Robin is a world traveler, so it’s hard to get together. But for some reason every October we always end up catching up. It worked out great because she’s one of those people that is down for anything. So when I had suggested that we do this race, she had immediately agreed. Love people like that.



Halloween Zombie Run

The Zombie Run is a 5k race where you either dress up as a zombie to chase the runners or get chased by zombies. Technically, you can do both, which was what we did. So we ran first, tried to not get tagged by the zombies, and once we finished running we got turned into actual zombies to chase the people after us. It was the circle of life for zombies.


best zombie makeup inspiration


This was a super fun event that no runners were taking seriously. It was all for kicks. All we had to do was show up in crappy clothes that we didn’t care about ruining and the event took care of the rest.


Running the Zombie Race

The five of us showed up in Brooklyn ready to go! Our start time was at 11am or something, so we ignored that and just showed up sometime after one. They let us go on the next wave. The idea was to wear colored football tags around our waist (like in gym class) and make it through the obastacles without the zombies snatching all three.


I’m dead – tired that is


We had ran for about half a mile before encountering any zombies. Feeling confident, we then turned a corner and BAM – zombies!  Since the zombies were fellow runners who had been “zombified”, they were aggressively seeking revenge.


Evil, hungry zombies


It was exhausting trying to dodge them! They were fast and worked in packs. I hadn’t done that many sporadic sprints with such determination in any workout than I had that day.

Our strategy was to weave and outrun them until we could get to the next area. I had made it through to the end with I think only one flag left. Even though I felt pretty good about that, I still had lost a lot of good humans along the way…


Robin bites the dust

This meant that I was ready for my revenge!


The Zombie Transformation

When we finished the race we were pumped. It looked way more fun to be the chaser instead of the chasee, so we got on line to suit up and fully transform into a zombie. Gotta love the zombie makeup.



First we decided to mark our territory by the big field. Since the runners had to arrive to the field through a narrow trail opening, we figured it would be our pick of the litter. Great plan. Too bad we stunk at it.



Those humans were fast, so we had to shift tactics and relocate to where the trail curved sharply in the woods. And so we did, and were catching flags right and left. Okay – not really. We caught just a few. But that’s only because we ended up laughing hysterically each time we tried. We weren’t menacing or effective.



So we resorted to Plan C – dancing it out! This became the absolute best part of the day. Each time we had to wait for the next wave to start, I decided to kill time by teaching them the choreography to Thriller (by Michael Jackson). So whenever a new wave of runners rounded the corner, they saw us rocking the Thriller dance!



By the end of the day, we became known as the dancing zombies and were recorded by the event organizers. Best day ever!


The Run for Your Lives Race is over, but there are other zombie runs that spring up all the time. Another fun race we did was the Color Run 5k, which was probably the polar opposite of this race’s theme, but fun and the same location. So if you want to do a theme race in the Brooklyn area, I’d recommend that one.


Would you brave the zombie run?