The History of Political Pins Is Cooler Than You Think

The History of Political Pins Is Cooler Than You Think

Everyone knows that I love history. Does that include the history of political pins? Surprisingly, yes.

I’m one of those people that will stand in front of every single sign in a museum to read about what I’m looking at. My boyfriend makes fun of me all the time. One of his favorite stories was when I stood in the snow outside of an Upstate NY road stop because there was a plaque describing how the gas station was built on the same place where George Washington had slept with his army overnight.

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Why are these things intrigue to me? I don’t know. They just are. So for all of those out there who like tidbits from history, check out this infographic about the history of political pins.


History of Political Pins

Political pins were around since the beginning of the United States with George Washington. They went from actual buttons sewn onto clothes to the plastic ones we often see today. But do you know which politician is on the most expensive political pin? The answer will surprise you.


american forefather history

Nowadays you don’t often see campaign buttons and pins during the election season. I’ve seen them worn on election day, especially at the polling booths by volunteer workers, but not on the average person. People are just as enthusiastic today as they were when Abraham Lincoln was running. It seems that there’s been a shift from campaign accouterments to tweets on social media to show which team you’re rooting for. To be honest, I think I’d rather see someone wear a pin than have my newsfeed barraged with economic, emotional screeds. Pins get the point across just fine.


Thank you to PinMart for noticing that I love random facts from history. And if you’re looking for cool custom or stock pins, do check out their site.