IMO Camera Strap – Cool Camera Straps for Canon

IMO Camera Strap – Cool Camera Straps for Canon

Hey guys – my camera got a makeover! I love my Canon camera, which is why it deserves so much more than that ugly camera strap it comes with. So I gave my camera some love with two funky camera straps. This mini makeover is subtle, but adds style. Sometimes the little details make all the difference.

Cool Camera Straps for Canon

My Canon camera is new, but we’ve done a lot together in our short time. It’s braved the last frontier in Alaska. It’s traversed all over New York City. It even hung out at the Jersey Shore. Yet during all that time, it had that glaringly ugly default camera strap hunkering it down; killing it’s soul from poor fashion.


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So I spruced it up. Our relationship was blossoming and therefore I rewarded my camera. There were two looks I was going for with the camera strap. The first look was elegant and sheek. The second look was edgy and rocker.


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Black Leather Camera Strap

I wanted this look to be urban, yet refined. This strap is 100% handmade genuine leather. I like black because it’s timeless, matches most things, and stays clean. It’s comfortable so far and the strength of it is supposed to hold up to 75lbs. It’s length goes about to where my waist cinches.


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In terms of the best black leather camera straps, I think this one is a serious contender. You can see the handmade sewn details in the contrasting read thread. It’s very nice.



Studded Camera Strap

This black, studded camera strap was the one my boyfriend liked the best. It was more rock ‘n’ roll than elegant. Coming in at 55 inches long, it’s also made from black genuine leather. I think this one looked the best on the camera.



Similar studded camera strap here.

Both straps were very comfortable, but most importantly, the camera felt very secure. It was a bit tricky to figure out how to attach a camera strap the correct way for the first time, but luckily there’s YouTube. Or more accurately, luckily there’s my sister who I outsourced the job to. Thanks sis!



IMO Camera Strap

I’m really glad I genuinely liked the two camera straps that IMO Camera Fashion had sent us. It hadn’t occurred to me to spruce up my camera with a sweet new strap until that point. It ended up working out really well.



As their website says, “We love travelling & shooting. We believe life is a gift. A gift for you & me to experience & explore…We just make what we like here.” Well, IMO – we like what you made. If you want to get some cool camera straps of your own, check out the IMO site. They’ve got a slew to choose from! And IMO means in my opinion, so you should be able to find one that suits you best.


imo camera cases


When you order them, they come in these cute wooden-looking boxes. It’s a nice little detail. I kept them so that I can store it if need be.


imo camera cases


Au revoir and happy camera strap hunting!