Kings of Kobe Restaurant Review

Kings of Kobe Restaurant Review

It’s no secret that NYC has a million and one food choices. Even so, it’s hard not to get stuck in a food rut and keep going back to the same tried and true places that you know are good. So Ann, our friend Aurora and I decided to step out of our comfort zones and try a recently opened hot dog and burger joint called Kings of Kobe.

Kings of Kobe – Restaurant Review

Kings of Kobe opened back in February in Hell’s Kitchen, one of my personal favorite food meccas in Manhattan.




It was initially a pop-up restaurant in the summer of 2015, and isn’t your typical burger and dog spot.




The interior is sleek and has some awesome wall art, but is very casual and no reservations are required. Just grab a seat, check out the menu, and go to the front of the restaurant to order.





You’ll find inventive and unconventional toppings on the menu, and what makes the burgers and hot dogs so unique is that they are made of American Wagyu “Kobe style” beefWagyu is the most expensive kind of beef out there for its high degree of marbling, succulence and depth of flavor.

I had heard of Kobe beef burgers before, but this is the first time I’d ever seen a Kobe hot dog on a menu, and I was intrigued.



Kings of Kobe – Appetizers

To start out our meal we ordered a few appetizers. I’m a planner, so of course I checked out the menu before we arrived. The item I was most looking forward to was the Mac & Cheese Balls with roasted garlic aioli. They were crispy/crunchy on the outside and cheesy on the inside, and as expected I loved them.





I also had to try the Sweet Potato Tots with spicy maple aioli. These are tots made with sweet potatoes, and the aioli is sweet as well – such a good combo!




While we were on a mission to get all things fried, the red onion rings were an obvious choice. They were pretty standard as far as onion rings go. Fry anything and there’s a pretty good chance I will enjoy it.





Kings of Kobe – Burgers and Hot Dogs

Our friend Aurora opted to try one of the many hot dog options, as they’re a focal point of the menu. They all sounded pretty awesome, such as the Banh Mine with marinated cucumbers and carrots, cilantro, and sriracha aioli, or the Manhattanite with caramelized apples, frisee, shaved cheddar and wasabi aioli.





After several minutes of hemming and hawing, Aurora finally decided on the All Nighter with crispy bacon, onion marmalade, lemon zest and bleu cheese dressing.




Kings of Kobe also offers wine and beer on their menu, so Aurora got this adorable can of Moscato. How perfect would this unbreakable package be for an outdoor concert or picnic?




Since Ann and I both have dietary restrictions, Ann asked for a custom-made burger. Shout out to Kings of Kobe for being so accommodating! She got a bunless Kobe burger with arugula and carmelized onions.




Even though she can’t eat gluten, Ann was a happy camper!




My only complaint about Kings of Kobe is that there was only one vegetarian option for burgers. I would have loved to have seen a vegan hot dog on the menu as well. I ordered the Vegan Republic, a three bean and roasted vegetable burger with roasted tomato and vegan herb mayo. It was great as far as veggie burgers go.




We couldn’t try EVERYTHING on the menu, but here are some other must try menu items at Kings of Kobe that we want to try next time.


Waffle Dogs with cheddar and spicy maple syrup.



The Louis Louis with spinach, sunny side up egg, bacon, and roasted garlic aioli.




The Duke of Lux burger with smoked gouda, caramelized onions, bacon, and chipotle aioli.




Kings of Kobe – Desserts

As everyone knows, a meal is never really over until you’ve had dessert. I opted for a strawberry milkshake and it was the perfect ending to an otherwise good dinner.





Other dessert options on the Kings of Kobe menu are:

All Hail the Banana, which is Kings of Kobe’s banana pudding with cinnamon crunch cereal on top.




The Chocolate Royal: chocolate pudding, crushed pretzels, and brownie crumble.




Next time you’re wandering around Hell’s Kitchen looking for a quick breakfast, lunch or dinner, give Kings of Kobe a try. And for us lazy Manhattanites, they also deliver!


Kings of Kobe

790 9thAvenue (9th and 52nd)

New York, NY  10019

212-247- 3703


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