Embracing Curly Hair – The 5 Pros of Curls

For some embracing curly hair is a easy. For others, it’s a problem to manage. People with curly hair are troubled by their locks on a daily basis, and it’s not without reason. Yes, it can be a bother having to manage those strands that seem to always be tangled or never without frizz. But there’s one thing that curly-haired people have that straight-haired people will never know – the absolute glory of having a good curly-haired day naturally.

Minted.com: The Cutest Invitations In Town

The spring is a nutty time. There’s so many events and with the warming weather Sara and I are pretty much looking for any excuse to throw a party. And of course we don’t want to send out any old invite. That’s how we ended up going down the rabbit hole that is Minted.com. They have a ton of themes and options. I was like, oh look they have Easter, Cinco de Mayo, Bachelorette! I had to be talked off the ledge of throwing all these parties.

The Quick & Dirty History of Halloween

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. But where did this celebration of all things spooky come from? Find out the fun history of Halloween, as told through festive pictures and some awesome Halloween costumes that Sara and I have donned throughout the years!