Met and Yankee Games in the Summer

Take me out to the ball game, take me out to… see a Mets and Yankees game! Going to baseball games is one of my favorite summer activities. And luckily I live in a city where I have two great teams to choose from.

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Growing up my dad was a Yankees fan, but grandma was a Met’s fan. She was around when the Brooklyn Dodgers were a thing and couldn’t switch to liking the Yankees when the Dodgers left for LA.


new york city baseball game

Citi Field


So that meant I ended up liking both the Yankees and the Mets. But honestly, I sway more heavily on team Yankee. Plus, it’s where I had one of my first dates with the coolest guy I know…




Mets and Yankees Games

Either way, when the weather gets warm, baseball is one of the best date or group activities to do in NYC. Beers, hot dogs, cracker jack boxes, singing take me out to the ball game…it’s great.


America’s Favorite Pastime…is eating!

Of course I go for the game, but I if I’m honest I spend most of my time thinking about the food. What am I going to eat, what should we split, when will the lines be the shortest?



Citi Field by far has the best food. I run right to the filet mignon steak sandwich at Pat LaFrieda’s. I ask for extra onions, then salivate until I can get to my seat and scarf it down. There are no words.


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Then of course there’s Nicoletta, Josh Capon’s Bash Burger, Shake Shack, Fuku, Milk Bar, and more. I just get so fat when I go to a Mets home game.


Citi Field vs. Yankee Stadium – The Showdown

Yeah, I guess there’s a rivalry between these two teams. Honestly, I don’t care. They’re both fun to go to.


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Citi Field Stadium

But Citi Field definitely outshines Yankee Stadium thanks to the views, convenience, food, and activities you can do when walking around.


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Citi Field is absolutely gorgeous when the sun is setting and they really renovated it nicely.


citi field sunset


Yankee Stadium

Yankee Stadium has been rebuilt to look like the original. As a history buff I approve of this; so does my dad.



Even so, it’s in the Bronx, so that used to be a pain to drive to growing up. But now that I live in the city, it’s an easy subway ride on the 4, B, or D trains!


ny yankee stadium


However, my secret way of getting to Yankee Stadium is to take the train from Grand Central Station. Most people don’t do this and it’s so much less crowded! For that reason alone it’s worth it.



Let us know what your favorite summer activities are in the comments!

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