Museum Hack Review – Metropolitan Museum of Art Tour

Museum Hack Review – Metropolitan Museum of Art Tour

We absolutely had to do a Museum Hack review. It was one of the most fun, interactive, and scandalous museum tours that we’ve been on. In a nutshell, Museum Hack is not afraid of breaking the rules or showing you the dirtiest piece of art in the entire museum!

Museum Hack Met

Sara and I took the evening tour with Museum Hack at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. As soon as we got there we knew it was going to be interesting. We were promised champagne, sneaking into rooms after hours, and the discovery of salacious details hidden in the most unexpected artworks.


museum hack review

american wing courtyard the met

The courtyard in the American wing


Between that and the our two tour guides immediately cracking jokes, we knew this wasn’t going to be a run-of-the-mill museum tour.


Museum Hack Review

I love the tagline for the Museum Hack tours: this isn’t your grandma’s museum tour. It’s the tour for people who don’t like museums. Museum Hack will show you the unconventional, the wacky, the unexpected, and the controversial. And that’s why we loved it. That’s the interesting stuff!


Our tour guides


I don’t like all museums, but I like a lot of them. So I can understand what people find appealing and what they would find tediously boring. But if Museum Hack is going to highlight an indecorous easter egg, everyone is going to pay attention. Expounding on the unique, weird, or scandalous pieces that most people don’t know about is what truly makes Museum Hack a must- do tour in NYC.



For example, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, some of the most famous pieces are the Self-Portrait with a Straw by Van Gogh, the Portrait of Madame X by John Singer Sargent, or the Portrait of a Young Woman by Vermeer. Those are great and the tour is happy to take you to them. BUT, what Museum Hack mainly does is illuminate the unknown or easily dismissed pieces that people usually pass by. This is a huge perk!


Late 19th century Kongo Peoples statue of nails

Rosa Bonheur painting the met

Horse market in Paris by Rosa Bonheur


My general theory about art and architecture is that it’s boring unless you hear the details and story behind it. Then suddenly the artwork comes alive and it’s fascinating. This is where Museum Hack nails it.



I never in a million years would’ve paid attention to some of the items they pointed out. Now they’re some of my favorite pieces in the museum. Wouldn’t you want to know about one of the world’s first beer funnels? And wouldn’t you want to hear about it by two wacky but knowledgeable guides who make jokes as they describe it?


Washington Crossing the Delaware by Emanuel Leutze the met

Washington Crossing the Delaware by Emanuel Leutze

This string quartert was playing in front of the painting. It was an awesome effect in front of such an iconic painting.


Museum Hack’s entire goal is for everyone to have fun and find the museum pieces interesting.  They want you to walk away and think I’ve never had so much fun at a museum. And I can say in all honesty that is what happened.


Louis Comfort Tiffany. Autumn Landscape. Stained Glass. It remind me of a Lisa Frank design though.


The two tour guides were basically comedians and they curate and customize the tour according to what they find interesting and intriguing. So you can take another Museum Hack tour at the Met and it could be entirely different from one day to the next.



Plus, just like when I see a comedy show, I like it when the comedian interacts with the audience. Our guides kept asking us questions, having us play games (like you have 2 minutes to find a painting and make up a story about it), and getting us involved.


I made up a story about this painting.


I had to make up a story about the above painting. The actual story behind it is really cool though – way better than mine. The painting depicts the tale from Ovid’s Metamorphoses of Pygmalion. The sculptor was creating a sculpture of Galatea, of whom he envisions as the ideal woman. He wishes her to be real and the goddess Venus brings her to life. It’s considered one of the ten best art kisses of all time.


Primavera by Pierre-Auguste Cot

Primavera by Pierre-Auguste Cot


I will say though that my absolute favorite part of the entire tour was when we went into the weapons gallery. There was this lovely lady waiting for us, who ended up singing to us in different languages. It was so beautiful and unexpected.


All Angels' Church Pulpit and Choir Rail

All Angels’ Church Pulpit and Choir Rail from Vienna

evening sculpture the met

The sculpture called Evening

I loved this one. The eyes were so striking in person. I hate that I forget the artist and name of it.            


To book a tour or for more information, check out the Museum Hack’s website. Thanks again to the wonderful staff there for offering to let us join the tour and we truly had a great time!



  • So, so fun! I just went on a Museum Hack tour of the American Museum of Natural History and it was a blast – similar to what you describe but so different in content! Definitely felt like it was the most fun I’d had at a museum – well said 🙂 You’ve definitely got me wanting to do their tour of the Met now!

    • Hey @newyorkcliche:disqus, we love the Museum of Natural History as well! I can imagine how fun that must have been. Definitely want to go on some more tours with Museum Hack.