12 Ways To Naturally Get A Better Complexion Without Makeup

12 Ways To Naturally Get A Better Complexion Without Makeup

Get healthy, glowing skin without the injections, fillers, and face lifts. Make your complexion look fresh, youthful, and radiant for years to come. Read our tips on how to get a better complexion without makeup naturally.

We all want to know how to look beautiful without makeup naturally.  Many times people suggest strange things like organic honey masks or applying milk to your face. I found that those to be too messy, take too long, or I couldn’t get it to stick in my routine. Instead, I prefer more basic steps for a consistent skincare routine. Below are the most effective tips for how to have a better complexion without makeup.


A Better Complexion Without Makeup

how to look pretty in school uniform without makeup1.   Wear SPF Daily

It’s great that you wear sunscreen to the beach, but most sun damage is incremental. That means when you’re grabbing lunch, walking across the parking lot, or chatting outside for five minutes. Make sure to apply SPF whenever you’ll be in the sun. The best solution I’ve found for this is using powered sunscreen. It’s not greasy and is great for fast application on the go.


2.   Avoid Touching Your Face

Your hands are full of germs, viruses, allergens, and bacteria. All this nastiness can be transferred to your face and cause acne or worse. Even rubbing your eyes is bad since that causes microscopic tears in the tissue, which makes you age faster. Keep thy hands off the face.

3.   Moisturize From the Inside

This means drinking lots of water and eating a diet with sufficient amounts of Omega 3 Fatty Acids. The latter helps to keep your skin looking supple and fresh. I like to drink a glass of water with a whole fresh lemon each morning.

4.   Use Facial Oils

Natural oils are great for  sealing in moisture. They diminish flaky patches to help create a smooth appearance that light can bounce off of. One of my favorite natural oils to use is Argan Oil. Natural oils are also better than mineral oils since mineral oils often lead to breakouts.

5.   Exfoliate

Exfoliation helps to get rid of the dead layers of skin cells that accumulate over time. This can be done every couple of days. There are plenty of home exfoliators you can use if you want to keep the costs down. Otherwise a simple facial brush or beaded cleanser will do the trick.

6.   Exercise Frequently

You know the importance of exercise. It affects your entire body, including how radiant your skin can look. When you exercise your circulation improves. This helps transport vital nutrients to your skin. Working out is also good for your lymphatic system, which helps flush out the toxins in your body.

7.   Eat Healthy

Every cell in your body is made from the food you eat. If you eat bad food, how can you expect your skin to look good? Eating foods like refined carbohydrates (french fries, white bread) and sugar leads to glycation (when sugar breaks down and attaches to protein molecules).

flawless skin without makeup my skincare routine

Glycation causes the elasticity of the collagen in your skin to deteriorate. So if you eat bad you won’t just get fat, you’ll also age faster.

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8.   Sleep

This one is no surprise. Getting enough sleep is one of the most important tips for a healthy life. It’s tempting to watch another episode of a show before going to sleep, but it makes you look ghoulish the next day. Dark circles, sallow skin tone, puffy eyes – this is no way to have a glowing complexion. Doctors suggest adults sleep 7 – 9 hours a night.

9.   Massage Your Face

You can do this when you’re exfoliating. Increasing the circulation in your epidermis is good for draining tension and fluid away from your face.

10.   Stop Using Harsh Chemicals

Common chemicals found in hair and skin products, like shampoos and soaps, strip the skin of fatty acids, ceramides, and natural oils. I switched up my chemical products to all-natural ones. This is especially helpful for people with sensitive skin.

11.   Wash Makeup Brushes

There’s a lot of bacteria and grime that build up in makeup brushes that you don’t want touching your face. Not cleaning them frequently leads to acne, discoloration, and clogged pores. Washing your brushes once a week should be sufficient.

how do you make yourself prettier without makeup

12.   Use Apple Cider Vinegar As A Toner

The raw, organic (with the mother) Apple Cider Vinegar helps to clarify your face, restore the PH balance of your skin, and even the skin tone. It’s organic, inexpensive, and a favorite of all-natural gurus. Plus it’s much cheaper than toners you would buy at the store.


Hopefully these how to make your face glow tips help. It’s a wonderful day when you can step out of your house and still feel like a million bucks when you have absolutely zero makeup on.


What tricks do you have for glowing skin?