A Nicaraguan Restaurant in NYC – A Casa Fox

A Nicaraguan Restaurant in NYC – A Casa Fox

Finding a good Nicaraguan restaurant in NYC is next to impossible — they just don’t exist! Luckily for us, our good friend Aurora hails from Nicaragua, and was on the hunt for the classic South American cuisine of her home country.

A Casa Fox – Nicaraguan Restaurant NYC

Aurora’s birthday was the perfect occasion to try out the only Nicaraguan restaurant in NYC – A Casa Fox. A Casa Fox is located on the Lower East Side on Orchard Street, and features Latin fusion cuisine with a few standout dishes that pay homage to Nicaragua.

We started out with three dips: guacamole, black bean, and pico de gallo, and chose to forgo the usual tortilla chips for some fried plantains. The thin, crunchy strips added a little Latin flavor that your typical Mexican restaurant is lacking.




Next we had La Pizzetta, or little pizza, made with a tortilla instead of pizza dough, and topped with gooey cheese and carmelized onions. This was my favorite dish!





Our final appetizer was the chorizo-stuffed dates wrapped in bacon. Can we say meat-lovers dream?!




Sara basked in her vegetarian-ness by opting for the Arroz y frijoles (“veggie plate”). It came with rice, black beans, and a vegetarian salad called “encortido”. Encortida is made with shredded cabbage, tomato, scallion and poblano pepper and was delicious. The plantain chips were perfect for scooping up the beans and sour cream.




Ann chose the Arroz con pollo, with is rice stewed then baked with tomatoes, olives, peas, shredded herb chicken and parmesan cheese.




A Casa Fox is candlelit and super warm and cozy. Doesn’t this adorable fireplace make you feel at home?




The chef was awesome and brought us an order of tres leches on the house. I don’t know if he overheard us wishing Aurora a happy birthday and wanted to give her a special treat, or if he just thought we were cute. Either way, I’ll take it! It was the perfect sweet ending to a spicy evening.




Here’s more info on A Casa Fox.


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