Paint Night Date Night in Tribeca

Paint Night Date Night in Tribeca

You know what a cute date night is? Paint night date night! For some reason I had gotten it stuck in my head that it would be the cutest thing for David and I to do. So after bugging him for months, he finally took me to a wine and paintbar on my birthday.

Paint Night Date Night

I’m a terrible painter. But I like dates, I like drinks, and I like doing “couple things.” So after eating a delicious birthday dinner at Nobu, David took me to the Muse Paintbar in Tribecca. I love Tribeca and admittedly never go there enough. Muse Paintbar has several locations, but it was a good choice on David’s part to take me to this one.  I haven’t quite put my finger on it yet, but there’s just something about Tribeca that I love…



Anyway, a wine and paintbar is a great night out, especially in the winter. Sipping wine while a professional gives step-by-step instructions on how to paint some lovely work of art is easy and fun. It’s the kind of thing that I wish I had more time to do outside of work.


So concentrated


As a date it’s a fun choice. If you’re a good painter, you get to show off. If you’re a bad painter, you get to joke about how awful your painting is. You can let loose with the wine, keep your nerves in line by giving your hands something to do, and it creates a better memory than just dinner.


Muse Paintbar NYC

The decor in Muse was nice, with paintings displayed on the “brick” walls and aprons hung off hooks. The instructor that we had that night was talented and easy to listen to. I love that they offer food too. If there’s food somewhere, I will eat it.




The instructor


If you want to do one of these classes I recommend booking ahead of time. Usually they’ll show you which painting is going to be painted on a given night on the website, so you can pick the date by what you’d like to paint. The class that we went to was pretty full so we wouldn’t have been able to do a walk-in.



Let the Painting Begin

Upon arriving we were instructed to get our aprons on, roll up our sleeves, and get into positions. There were brushes and bright colors already laid out on a palette for us. After my apron was tied, I was ready to get my paint on. I had my wine in one hand and the paintbrush in the other. In any other circumstance this would’ve been a recipe for disaster.



The blank canvas had looked promising. I starred at it thinking of all the creative possibilities that could be illustrated upon it. Then I remembered that I stunk at painting and figured I’d just give the finished work of art to my abuelita, which was exactly what I ended up doing.




In the beginning it looked like a whole lot of nothing to us (unless you like abstract art). Swirls of colors can be pretty, but I definitely had my moments of thinking that my canvas wouldn’t resemble what the instructor’s example had looked like.



In the end we ended up painting this wintry, colorful painting of a tree, which looked close enough to hers that I didn’t feel too inept. Plus, I stuck an owl in there at the end to give it a little flair. I think I’m most proud of that owl.



They’re smart at Muse Paintbar and give you blow dryers to dry your painting with once you’ve finished. That way we were able to wrap it and avoid smearing the paint or getting it on our clothing en route to home.



He had a little too much fun playing with the blow dryer



I’m giving myself a solid pat on the back for making it through the paint date without getting tipsy from the wine. But the question is, can you?


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If you’d like to go to Muse Paintbar they have classes 7 days a week that you can register for. They also do private parties and paint for local causes.



Have you ever done paint night?