Rosé On The Water NYC

Rosé On The Water NYC

Rosé On The Water NYC – the summery, pink event of the season! Sure, you can go to Provence, France to get good rosé. But why not take a yacht filled with it and cruise around New York Harbor instead?

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*Photo Credit 90+ Cellars


In 2006 The New York Times declared rosé wine “the summer drink to be seen with.” Rosé is chic, fun, and 90+ Cellars had the genius idea of putting it on water.


rosé soiree party

* Photo credit 90+ Cellars

*Photo Credit 90+ Cellars


Couple that with everyone wearing pink and you’ve got one of the best summer rosé events in NYC.



Already established in Boston and Chicago, this was the first year the iconic pink drink cruise came to Manhattan. And of course we were there for it.



Rosé on the Water NYC

The ship left from Pier 83 on West 42nd Street and sailed around the harbor for three hours.  Everyone wore pink. There was a DJ, food, and of course rosé.



They served the most popular rosés from the 90+ Cellars portfolio, like Lila Rosé, Lot 33 Rosé, Reserve Provence Rosé, and Sparkling Rosé. We had our pick of the litter.


Rosé wine gets it sweet pink color because some of the grape skin is incorporated into the wine. *photo credit 90+ Cellars


#AllDayRosé and #RoséAllDay hashtags were flying everywhere. Everyone was having a great time. The cloudy sky rained on the deck but not on our spirits.



Although they did have inside seating for when it drizzled, the rain luckily stopped, allowing us to to enjoy the views of my favorite city in the world.



Cruising New York Harbor is one of our favorite things to do in the summer. The water against the skyline is so nice, especially when the sun is setting in the background.



The cruise started on the west side and then looped around to the East River, passing the Statue of Liberty on its way.




It then took us under the Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Williamsburg bridges. Manhattan and Brooklyn/Queens flanked us on either side.



People were dancing on the top deck, getting more and more energetic as the sun went down.



When we got hungry we just went downstairs. They had a whole line of catered food. Very yummy. Given that people are always ravenous, they did run out of food, so Sara and I had to improvise.



Chocolates! We got these amazing chocolates from Planète Chocolat and Sara happened to have them in her bag. So why not pair a little chocolate with rosé?



But pink was really the name of the game. They had pink accessories, like the pink sunglasses that Sara rocked. They also had pink temporary tattoos – and yes, we did rock those.





By the end of the cruise we were feeling pretty good!



Thanks for hosting us 90+ Cellars. Tell us what you think in the comments below!


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