Skiing and Snowboarding Weekend Trips

Skiing and Snowboarding Weekend Trips

Winter might be almost here but as much as I hate the cold, the cold means snow. And snow means skiing & snowboarding weekend trips!


the-ski-lift-poconosAs soon as Thanksgiving is over I start plotting weekend getaways to Vermont, New Jersey, the Poconos, and upstate New York.

I’ve been going skiing and snowboarding since high school and ideally I like taking at least several trips a season. It’s a lot of fun, great exercise, and the views can be spectacular.

Yes, the slopes that are closest to NYC aren’t the top tier – it’ll never be like Colorado or Canada. But there are some pretty good ones, especially if you drive up to Vermont.


Skiing and Snowboarding Weekend Trips

But I’m telling you that some of the most fun you can have is renting a ski lodge for the weekend with a group of friends.


group getaway skiing



You stay in a huge house, bring a ton of booze and junk food, and hang out the whole weekend.

It’s the slopes during the day, then drinking and laughing at night. Even my friends who don’t ski or snowboard come because they hang out at the lodge while we ski.

Or you can bug them into submission to hit the slopes with you. I’ve taught a lot of people how to ski and snowboard over the past couple of years. Usually skiing is easiest to start with, but you’ll get faster much more quickly with a snowboard.

Groups trips are ideal for me too, but since it’s hard to corral people, I usually end up going up for the day with one or two friends. People are so busy that it’s hard to get the group even though it’s definitely worth it.





Even if you’re a beginner my biggest tip is to still go to the top of the mountain. A lot of times they have beginner trails that start at the peak and aren’t that hard or scary.




They’re not steep and are relatively flat since the trail slowly meanders down the mountain.




Hanging Out On Ski Lifts

I remember when I went skiing for the first time. I had been so excited to ride the ski lift. Even now I still kind of like it. You get to chill, chat with friends on the way up, and take in the snowy views.


For more snowy views read Paris in the Winter!


winter ski trips



The houses we’ve rented are usually in really scenic locations too. We’ve been to a few that had lake access in the backyard, which is so pretty when it has a layer of snow on it. That was in the Poconos (pictured below).




My favorite place I have ever stayed at was near Belleayre Mountain in upstate New York.  The place was called the Roxbury Hotel and each room was themed. Ours was the Wizard of Oz themed room. Loved it!




What’s your favorite part about skiing and snowboarding?