A Spooky SMACC Halloween Costume Party

A Spooky SMACC Halloween Costume Party

The SMACC Halloween costume party is one of the most anticipated, exclusive events of the Halloween season in New York City. Luckily for me, I had my invite & costume ready!

As you know, if there’s a costume party, I’ll be there.  It’s why I love Halloween. The excuse to dress up is appealing. So enter me at the SMACC Halloween Costume Party.


SMACC Halloween Costume Party

Ever since Sara and I did the Quadrille Ball, we’ve been getting invited to some pretty cool events. One of the main ones to go to during the fall is the Sailors’, Soldiers’, Marines’, Coast Guard & Airmen’s Club Halloween party. Phew, that’s a mouthful. We call it SMACC.



The Superheroes: Captain America, Robin, and Superman


It’s not only a mini reunion with some of my Quadrille friends, but a fun costume party with booze and food. That’s usually all you really need for a good party – costume, food, and booze.




I wore my ringmaster costume (which I’ve since repurposed to be Britney Spears in the Circus video). Annoyingly, someone stole my whip when I was walking down the street after that day. Oh, New York.


SMACC Halloween Costume Party

Sleeping Beauty and the Ringleader


The Quadrille gang is really fun because they go all out for parties. I’ve never seen them show up to one of the many costume parties throughout the year without fully committing to the theme. So when I was planning my SMACC outfit, I knew that I had to step my game up.


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Pirate, Sleeping Beauty, Ringleader, and Genie


Yes, I did buy my costume online from one of those Halloween Spirit stores. Sorry, I’m not as crafty as other people. But it was a lot of fun hanging out with everyone and checking out all their creative costumes.


Sailors’, Soldiers’, Marines’, Coast Guard & Airmen’s Club

This organization, also known as SMACC, is a private social club located in Murray Hill, NYC. It was founded in 1919 to house servicemen returning from WWI. The building was originally two townhouses built in the 1890s and today still provides subsidized accommodation to the  U.S. servicemen, servicewomen, veterans, and the families of veterans.


What is your favorite Halloween costume this year?