The New York City Ice Ball At Bryant Park

The New York City Ice Ball At Bryant Park

Every winter there’s this strange but classy event that occurs at the Bryant Park ice skating rink. It’s called the New York City Ice Ball. Men wear tuxedos, women wear ballgowns, and they dance the Viennese Waltz in their ice skates. It’s open to anyone, but the trick is having an “in” within the New York City ball crowd to know when it’s going to happen.

Living in New York we’re used to events, people, and things that are random. The New York City Ice Ball is one such event. After doing the Quadrille Ball, a whole new world of classy event invitations began streaming our way. The Ice Ball was a much less serious one. It’s supposed to be silly and fun.



Sara and I showed up with our good friend Becky. I think Becky was even more excited than we were! The only thing she was missing from her ballgown was her Quadrille tiara.


bryant park winter events

Me, Becky, Sara


The New York City Ice Ball

The Ice Ball was like a flash-mob but in ballgowns and with ice skates. Since Bryant Park is a public place, normal ice skaters had no clue what was happening. All they saw were people dressed to the nines and entering the skating rink.



It got even weirder for them when our group spontaneously erupted into waltzing and ballroom dancing. There wasn’t even any classical music playing.



But New York is New York and most onlookers paused for a millisecond and then carried on. We were free to waltz away.


waltzing on ice

Becky doing her thing


I love the people who really committed to the theme of the Ice Ball. They showed up literally dressed like they were about to go to the International Debutante Ball.



I don’t have spare ball gowns laying around in my tiny NYC apartment. Becky wore her prom dress. That’s useful. Others wore old bridesmaid dresses. Unfortunately for me, I store that ish in my parent’s house so had nothing to wear. This is why here I am not in a dress, but still participating in the Ice Ball.


bryant park ice skating


I think the whole event was fun and festive. My boyfriend had rolled his eyes when I told him about it, but that’s just because if it doesn’t involve football, it doesn’t exist. LAME.



If you’d like to go to the Ice Ball, it’s the The Simulacrum of Yore Society that throws it. This is what one of their recent invites had said.

The Simulacrum of Yore Society‘s
Committee What Makes The Ice Ball
requests the honor of your company at
The Seventh Annual Ice Ball
on Friday, the fifth¹ day of February, MMXVI Anno Domini
at seven of the clock, until nine, post meridian
upon the grand ballroom² of the ice rink at Bryant Park


Of course you don’t have to be officially invited by them to go. Show up in a ballgown and crash it! The Ice Ball is usually held at the end of January or in early February of each year.


* photos courtesy of Raphael Pungin


What other places would be fun to have a random ball?


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