White Post Farms Pumpkin Picking | Long Island

White Post Farms Pumpkin Picking | Long Island

Each October my boyfriend braces himself. Ever since our first year of dating when I made him take me to White Post Farms for pumpkin picking, he has expected an onslaught of pumpkin picking, apple picking, hay rides, and other fun fall activities. Sorry boo, I love the fall.

White Post Farms Pumpkin Picking

There’s a ton of places to go pumpkin picking around NYC. That first year, we decided to go to White Post Farms for pumpkin picking and its petting zoo in Melville, Long Island. It’s a little far from the city but we had a car so it wasn’t that bad. Plus, we were living in Long Island at the time.




Okay, so White Post Farms is mainly aimed at children, but I didn’t care. I still maintain that if you want to go on a cute date or simply want to do something seasonal, White Post Farms is a great choice.


White Post Farms Fall Festival


Pumpkin Picking Date

It’s lame to admit, but growing up I had always wanted to go on a “fall activity” date. Not only are the pictures adorable, but you’re not finished once you pick the pumpkin. The experience continues when you bring it home and carve it. So this day is a really fun memory.




I remember we got there around noon on a Satruday and bought the hay ride and pumpkin picking package. Then, like the baller he is, David said that he would buy me as many food pellets to feed the animals with as I wanted. What other proof do you need to know that a guy is a keeper?




Look how round the pumpkins are! We got a bunch of big ones and a few of those little baby ones for my grandmas when we went. I can’t not buy at least one of those baby pumpkins each time I go. As I write this there’s one sitting on my dresser.


The White Post Farms Pumpkin Patch

White Post Farms has a pretty big patch if you go there specifically for the pumpkins. It’s located off the main road so it’s not an off-the-beaten track farmhouse. Even so, it still has that mom and pop, farm vibe to it.



So proud of his pumpkins


And what would a trip to the pumpkin patch be for me without giving special attention to my favorite Autumn decoration, gourds. You know what a gourd is; those ugly things that they always put next to the pumpkins.




Technically, a gourd is similar to a squash. “The difference…comes from the leaves, stems, seeds, and fruit of each plant–but we mostly recognize those differences by how we use the plants. Typically, the edible plants under this family are referred to as squash, and the ornamental (i.e. hard-shelled, inedible, and generally un-tasty) plants are referred to as gourds.”

I had been meaning to look up what a gourd was for years. So there we have it.


White Post Farms Petting Zoo

If perfect looking, round pumpkins and a cute date spot doesn’t make you want to go to White Post Farms then maybe their petting zoo will.




There were goats, sheep, pigs, a llama (or alpaca?), ponies, exotic birds, and a giraffe. I also distinctly remember there being a random kangaroo, so hopefully if we go back, he’ll be there too!


pigs on long island white post farms

Maybe I should be a pig in another life.


They have animal food in a dispenser that you put onto your hand to feed the animals with. You can also buy milk and literally give the animals milk from the bottle.





petting zoo long island


David’s a basic animal so it’s fitting that he’d think the milk was for him too.




They have a lot of other activities at White Post Farms. There’s a Variety Show, the Great State Show, a canine cabaret, and bounce houses. Those are better for kids.


White Post Farm History

As always, if I can find the history of a place, that’s what I’m most interested in. White Post Farms evolved from a family run business that was originally a vegetable farm in the 1920’s. Back in the day, the vegetables were trucked in from Brooklyn.  Fughetaboutit.

Later in the 1960’s, they put up a roadside farm stand and also became one of the first farms on Long Island to erect greenhouses specifically for growing plants to sell. I love when these types of businesses stay alive and continue through the years.

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I haven’t been to White Post Farms in a while, but will probably go back soon. Since I’ll be older and wiser, I’ll limit my candy apples to less than five next time. Hopefully…


What do you love most about pumpkin picking?